"What a great experience working with Dennis! I have been looking for someone to do the vocals for a vintage blues style song for quite a while, and found Dennis. He kept working on the project and with each take he delivered something better and better. Commiting to the theme of the song, every track he sent had something I liked and I was satisfied each time. The final take blew all the other ones away. He has a great voice and ability to bring a professional and inspired vocal."

Rick, Music Producer & Composer, Chicago, USA

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Session Singer Testimonials

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"Loved Den's distinctive soulful vocals which were just right for my track. Will look to work with him again"

Vince, Music Producer, UK

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Dennis is fast becoming a sought after session singer and has been working with international producers on a wide range of challenging projects, which include Soul, blues, jazz, rock and pop songs.  

One of his vocal performances was used by Sky Formula One to close out the race highlights from The British Grand Prix in Silverstone in 2017.  As a lifelong F1 fan, this was a great moment for Dennis and his supportive family and friends.

With his own private soundproofed studio space in Somerset, he is able to provide crisp and clean recordings to any location across the globe 

"I really like it! Been playing it to a lot of people of people today and getting a very positive reaction. Lots of compliments about your voice and I think we've managed to put together a great song"

James Warburton, Music Producer & Composer, UK‚Äč

"Dennis was the only guy who had the abilities to complete a song of mine that I have wanted to complete for 2 years. He has the grit, the soul and the talent that does not seem to exist today. He sings like the the guys I saw at the blues clubs I frequented in Chicago, in the seventies, so real and full of life. He put so much energy and beauty into my track that I am astonished and grateful he was able to help me out. He is also professional and pretty fast at delivering. He is talent!"

Rick, Music Producer, Chicago

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"really love Dennis' voice and singing, was great working with him and he delivered exactly what I was looking for (and was willing to make quick fixes where needed). Highly recommended!"

I. Roth, Music Publisher, New York

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"Dennis is a talented and professional vocal artist in every sense. He delivered the goods in a timely fashion, I will most certainly use his services again!

Freddie Frampton, Music Producer, London

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