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Dennis has had a lifelong passion for music, starting singing at church and then at the local community centre in the heart of Tiger Bay in Cardiff. It was a deprived area with little access to musical tuition, but he was attracted to radio and decided at a young age that somehow he would be part of that industry.  Becoming a DJ seemed more realistic as he became familiar with the nightclub scene in the 1990's and a few chance meetings led him to Radio Top Shop, where he learned presenting skills along with beat mixing and editing. This led to a stint of nightclub DJ jobs before he relocated to Sheffield at the height of the britpop scene, where there was a burgeoning underground live music scene which embraced D&B, Techno, Funk and grunge.

Here he was conscripted by local legendary jam band "Brained" as their first singer.  Often they would go on stage with no set list and jam until a song came together and Dennis would insert that missing element...lyrics!

 After returning to Cardiff via a 6 month stop in London, he decided to start a film company, but the recession put a stop to any chance of him funding any decent sized projects. A stop gap job turned in 7 years at an insurance company, but they had a choir which gave him access to vocal tuition and the chance to perform at The  Wales Millennium Stadium during the Six Nations with the Match day choir, with a flash mob in London  with Scott Quinnell in Victoria Station and numerous weddings, Festivals & Events across South Wales and Somerset.

This inspired him to pursue a career as a solo artist, but with no band he found himself on the pub circuit using backing tracks and learning sometimes a dozen songs a week.  One gig a week turned to four and he realised that he could make a living from it, so he quit the day job and built a studio/rehearsal space in his garage.

He set out to win session jobs by recording songs, posting videos on youtube, then sharing the links online and In July 2017 he had a track featuring his vocals used by Sky Sports as the music bed for the race montage after the British Grand Prix Silverstone and and as part of the Sky Premier League coverage.

The same track was also used by BT Sports fot their Heineken Cup Rugby Commercial.
After meeting with another singer called Marvin Muonek√©, he discovered that they both has the same passion for jazz and they teamed up to form The Ratpackers.  Within weeks of getting together, they attended an open audition for Britains Got Talent and beat over 100,000 entrants to reach the live semi-finals held at Hammersmith Apollo in June 2018.

Since BGT they have been on tour across the UK, appeared on TV and radio, recorded and released new music and performed abroad. 

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