Music is my lifelong passion and singing is my job. I love my job! I have been singing since I was 8 years old but it took me a while to get started. After singing in bands, theatre and choirs, I decided to go solo in 2013 and have never looked back since.

I have sung in some amazing and unusual venues including the Wales Millennium Stadium during the Six Nations with the Match day choir, with a flash mob in London  with Scott Quinnell in Victoria Station and numerous weddings, Festivals & Events across South Wales and Somerset.

Musically, I have diverse tastes across all genres, but I have found my strength in R&B, Soul and Swing Jazz, especially when performing the music of Frank Sinatra. My self produced EP "Sonority" has received radio airplay in the UK, USA, France and Germany.

I finally quit the day job in November 2016 started working as a session singer early in 2017.  In July I had a track featuring my vocals used by Sky Sports as the music bed for the race montage after the British Grand Prix Silverstone and and as part of the Sky Premier League coverage.

That same year, I got together with Marvin Muoneké and formed The Ratpackers duo and went all the way to the Live Semi-Finals of Britains Got Talent.